BOL Navy

Access Naval Register, Request Navy OMPF Records, ADMITS, Exceptional Family Members Program, and other U.S. Navy BOL Resources.

BUPERS Online is a portal for active duty and reserve Navy personnel for accessing various web-based programs hosted by the NPC (Naval Personnel Command) located in Millington, Tennessee. The nice thing is that you only need to login once and you can access each Navy program within BOL.

You probably came to this site looking for specific links to get to Navy BOL resources. And here are the best links to help you with your navigation:

Important: You may get a warning from your browser when accessing Navy BOL links and pages. The security certificate basically encrypts your data to and from BOL for privacy and security. You can download the certificate from BOL’s home page to avoid future warning messages.

To Login, go here:

Hint: Your login id is always your 9-digit social security number with no dashes.

If you need help, you can call this number: 1-800-951-NAVY from 6am to 5pm Central Time.

You can also send an email to the Navy helpdesk here:

Or you can fill out a help desk ticket here:

Here is a list of various Navy BOL resources:

Naval Register:


Exceptional Family Members Program:

Navy BOL References:

Navy’s Alcohol and Drug Management Information Tracking System:

If you are a Civilian, Contactor, or non-Navy military personnel and are entitled to access to the Navy’s BOL system, you can use the help contact info above to begin the steps to gain access.

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